Things have been mighty quiet around here (like you do if you’re a ninja), since getting a game ready for launch is no small amount of work. But we did want to give a shout that Mark of the Ninja will be released in two days on Xbox Live Arcade!

Friday Sept 7 for 1200 MSP. And if you were sent this way from Penny Arcade, welcome! If not, Tycho had some thoughts about the game when he saw it at PAX last weekend.

On Friday, you’ll be able to download the trial or just purchase the whole game here and queue it up to download straight to your Xbox:

Additionally, I (Nels, Ninja’s lead designer) will be doing an IAmA Q&A on Reddit tomorrow at 1 PM ET if you had any question about the game, the design process behind it, Klei, general questions about the industry, etc.

And if you just can’t wait for Friday and need some Klei goodness now, our other new game Don’t Starve is playable in Beta right now in the Google Chrome Store. Check it out!